Life Sciences Investor References

Venture Capitalists

“Oxford is a great resource for biotech companies. They have a deep understanding of the players in the ecosystem—investors, life sciences companies and key stakeholders. Oxford has been in the lending business for many years, and has a solid reputation for being a fair and committed partner with consistent access to capital.”

Andrew Schwab, Managing Partner
5AM Ventures

“Oxford offers creative terms, thinks outside the box and digs deep to understand their clients’ business. They’re responsive, efficient and very approachable when the ball doesn’t bounce the right way.”

James Blair, Partner
Domain Associates

“Oxford’s capital helps our companies execute their business plans. They are one of the leaders in their space because they aren’t just a debt lender; they roll up their sleeves and work with their clients to truly understand their businesses and help them achieve their financial objectives.”

Scott Barry, Managing Director
EW Healthcare Partners

“Since cash is often scarce, the combination of venture debt and equity gives our companies an extended cash runway. Oxford has the financial capacity and stability to be here throughout the ups and downs of the life sciences market. Their people are user friendly, accessible and willing to work with us to provide creative solutions when our companies go through difficult times.“

Garheng Kong, Founder & Managing Partner
HealthQuest Capital

“Throughout the years, Oxford has been consistently pursuing high quality deals for its portfolio. The Oxford team works quickly, and at the same time they are thorough and pragmatic, listening to life sciences companies and understanding the subtleties of the industry.”

Josh Baltzell, Venture Partner
SightLine Partners

“Because Oxford has a great understanding of the life sciences industry and drug development cycles, they are good partners for helping companies reach their milestones when things don’t go according to plan. They have a reputation for being efficient, creative and delivering competitively priced financing packages.”

Kevin Gillis, Partner & Chief Financial Officer
Third Rock Ventures

Providing Flexible and Creative Financial Solutions to Life Sciences and Healthcare Services Companies